Will Medicare pay for dentures

Will Medicare pay for dentures?  What kind of help can you expect for your upper and lower plates?  If you are a senior looking for ways you can get your false teeth paid for I have some news for you.  

Traditional Medicare and most supplements do not cover prosthodontics.  Prosthodontics include crowns, bridges, partials and dentures, porcelain veneers and implants.  As a matter of fact you are lucky if you have a supplement that will reimburse you for your preventive exams, cleanings and x-rays.

So what can you buy to assist you with paying a lower rate for your denture needs?  Some people opt for an actual dental policy. If you choose  this option you should keep in mind that most plans will have a waiting period of a year.  So if you can't wait that long, your teeth are in bad shape, and you are losing weight because you can't eat anything then maybe a dental savings plan might be what you need.

What is the difference between a savings plan and an actual policy.  When you have a savings plan you pay for any and every service you receive but the dentist gives you a discount.  The discount is equivalent to the network rate that the provider signed a c