Does Aldi sell gift cards?

Does Aldi sell gift cards that you can give away to friends and family?  If you are someone who likes to show others how much you care without breaking the bank then check this out!

Does Aldi sell gift cards?

You will not find Mastercard, Visa, Itunes, Amazon, Amex, Foot Locker, or any of the other common companies plastic here but they do sell their own version. 

So what is the down side to Aldi only selling their own gift card?  The down side is very small in my opinion.  If you are thinking of running in to the store to grab a quick card stuffer for a kids' birthday party then you may be in trouble.  Kids really don't appreciate the savings of this grocery store.

But don't worry, they do have a section that sells children's toys, and I bet you can just buy something they would love.  Kids under 8 are easy to please.  Once they get a little older they do become more picky and demanding.

Now outside of that scenario, if the person you are purchasing the gift for is someone who lives near an Aldi then they most likely would really appreciate it.  They could use it to buy their essentials or too splurge and buy that frozen lobster tail they usually push their cart past on the weekly or monthly trip.