Amazon Black Friday 2017

Amazon Black Friday 2017 deals - what deals will they have?  Quando inizia? Don't miss the date you have been waiting for all year! Ad details here for you.  This event will take place on November 24th this year.

How many things will you be able to save on this holiday season?  Here are some of the categories offering you deep discounts:

Amazon Devices

Amazon Home Services

Amazon Video

Arts, Crafts & Sewing

Automotive & Motorcycle


Baby Clothing & Accessories



Boys’ Fashion

Camera & Photo

Cell Phones & Accessories

Collectibles & Fine Art

Computers & Accessories

Costumes & Accessories

DIY & Tools


Health & Personal Care


Industrial & Scientific


Kindle eBooks


Luggage Travel Gear


Major Appliances

Men's Shoes

Men's Watches

Musical Instrument

Men’s Clothing

Office Electronics & Supplies

Patio, Lawn & Garden

PC & Video Games

Pet Supplies

Power & Hand Tools


Sports & Outdoors

Toys & Games

Women's Shoes

Women's Watches

Women’s Clothing

Women’s Fashion

Women’s Jewelry

Everything Else

Here are some of the Amazon Black Friday 2017 hottest selling products on the day after Thanksgiving:

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Black Friday Stories from Our Readers

I have shopped many times on Black Friday. Several years ago, I went out with my then-boyfriend, and we shopped in actual malls. They were so crowded, and full of people who seemed to have never been inside a store before. They stopped in the middle of aisles, looked around lost, and were always in the way.

There were thankfully no super popular things we wanted that year, so at least we got to avoid the pushing and shoving to get to certain things. However, trying to just get to the sections of the store we wanted and all the pushing and waiting, made me never want to do it again.

We did get a few of the items we wanted on that trip, but very few. Most of the things were so picked through and put back wherever the previous shopper decided to put them after deciding not to buy them, it was hard to even find a decent selection to go through.

I remember wanting something in particular for my dad. It was a funny shirt. They usually had a good selection at Kmart, Walmart, and Sears. All were on our list of stores to visit. At every single one, small shirts had been thrown in with XXL shirts, the styles were all messed up, and I finally gave up.

After hitting two malls and a minimum of 6 stores, including Boscov's and Big Lots, I tired of all the commotion and decided to come home. I had bought a few things on good sales for my son, who was probably about 5 years old at the time. He was easy to shop for back then, though. After that, I decided to try shopping with the sales I had heard about online.

I went to Ebay first, as that is a site where I tend to shop frequently. I was amazed--my son loved Legos back then. They had sets from back before even I was born. Really old, cool sets that I knew he'd love and that were no longer available in stores.

I also found my dad's shirts on there, and at much better prices than I was finding in stores. Plus, I didn't have to push and shove to get to them, and they were all laid out in a very user-friendly way. The best part was, nearly everything was less expensive than in-store, even when shipping costs were included.

My mom is very difficult to shop for. I knew she wanted to start collecting a certain type of figurines that have a Christmas theme. However, our local Hallmark stores carried only a very small sampling of these figures. I had pretty much given up on finding her any. I then checked on Ebay. They had thousands, and some were set up that if you bought a certain number of figures, you would get some either discounted, or even free.

Shipping was often free if you bought more than two figures. After seeing the selection on there, I decided to check the actual site from the company that makes the figures. Of course they had a much bigger selection, but their prices were much higher, and most on Ebay still had all the original packaging and there were no chips or anything. It was a sweet deal.

I had heard a lot about Amazon, but had never shopped there. I went to their site, and was again amazed how many choices of figures they offered, and the great prices. Some were from all the way back to when the company started making the figurines, and I was able to get her ones that I had never seen before. Between my brother and I, we were able to purchase an entire "village" scene worth of them, and she was delighted on Christmas morning. She had apparently never seen some of them before either.

In all, I doubt that anything would get me out to actual stores again on Black Friday, unless for some reason it was something that I couldn't buy online, or that the shipping costs would be too high to have sent to my home. However, I now do 100% of my shopping online, and most of it is done on Black Friday.