Aldi in Rockville MD

Aldi in Rockville MD grand opening coming soon! Where is it and what are the hours? Get the scoop here!  Right now they are scheduled to open their doors in October 2018 but the exact date has not been released yet. You can find this store location at 1501 Rockville Pike in the same shopping center as Petco, Michael's and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

By the time you read this post they may be open already, but I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  This discount grocer gives out prizes like gift cards to the first people to shop their store on opening day. The amounts of the cards range from ten dollars to one hundred dollars and it usually for the first 100 people. 

I asked one of the local cashiers at the Aspen Hill supermarket about the opening date and she couldn't tell me specifically but did agree that the coupons they offer to build up their customer base in a new community are great and it is worth taking the trip out of your neighborhood.  I don't know if I will have the stamina to camp out all night, but she said they give out a $500 gift card to the very first shopper.  She stated she thought about camping out for the opening of the store on Georgia Ave in Silver Spring but changed her mind on the night before.

If you have yet to shop at the Aldi in Rockville, MD or any other city please don't be led astray by their deep discounts.  Their food is not "cheap".  It is not scrap meats, produce, and vegetables that local farmers couldn't sell to the other big name chains.  They are able to cut costs by running a very streamlined business. 

No stacking individual cans on shelves, they open the boxes and place them on the shelf.  No packing your groceries in to checkout, they place them in a pushcart after ringing the items up, and then you go to the counter across from the registers to pack them yourself.  No employee on payroll just to bring pushcarts back to the building.  You put in a quarter to release a handcart and when you are done packing your car with your load you bring it back to the line in order to get your quarter back.  You can see an example in this video below.

I really love to shop at Aldi a lot.  I've been going there for over 10 years.  I shop there for almost everything that I need. I don't really like shopping anywhere else because I can save so much money at Aldi. 

I go to the one in Forest Hills, PA, but sometimes I go to the one in North Versailles if I'm out that way. They are both on the outskirts of suburbs of Pittsburgh. My favorite recipe from using Aldi food is probably either chili or just any various types of sauteed vegetables.

There is plenty of fresh produce there.  It tends to be slightly different from week to week. I can really afford to eat healthily because of their very affordable prices. Every product that they have is of very good quality and tastes great. They have such a large selection, you just can't see everything there.  And the items are slightly different every week. 

I buy a lot of their vegetables and fruits.  I love to make fruit smoothies.  Last week, I stocked up on strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pineapples and peaches.  Together with their chocolate almond milk and their vanilla soy milk, I made award winning fruit smoothies all week long. 

The raspberries were on $0.75 per container. Strawberries and blueberries were only $1.00 per container. The fresh pineapples were only $1.99 each.  I really like their Arugala and Spinach mix.  It is so tasty for any type of salad concoction.

They have large bunches of cilantro for only $0.99.  I would say that I save over $100 per week, easily from shopping at Aldi. If you spend $40 at Aldi, those same items would easily be over $100 at the grocery store down the road.

My family is just me in my househould, but I have a girlfriend that I share some meals with. I also have some roommates in this giant house, but they always have their own food. I've turned them on to Aldi.  My other family members do not live with me. 

My grandmother passed a couple years ago and she used to love Aldi.  The prices reminded her of the 80's and 90's. She especially loved the Deutche Kuchen dessert items.  Whenever we'd have a Sunday dinner, she'd always pull one out of the freezer for dessert.  She'd say, "Who wants Deutche Kuchen." 

The way she said it would always make the family laugh.  She was from Germany and always had a funny accent.  Some other ways that I make extra money on the side are from and  Mturk is full of all kinds of different small jobs and research surveys.

My shop on etsy is called Gemniverse.  I sell all sorts of exquisite crystals, spheres and various types of minerals and rock formations. That is going great.  I just started doing that eight months ago and have already sold 225 crystals. Etsy is a great way to sell various types of items. It would be a terrific side gig for a stay at home mother or someone who had just lost their spouse.