Aldi Clearwater FL

What's the Aldi Clearwater FL hours and phone number? Whether you are a shopper or applying for a job at this supermarket we can help!

This store is located 24756 US Highway 19 North.  They open every day of the week at the same time.  You can walk through the doors from 9AM to 9PM daily.  They usually keep the job application forms right at the checkout before leaving the store.  Most supermarkets are always taking applications because there is a high turnover.  This means employees leave or are fired often.  So, although they may be fully staffed right now, they could be short an employee or two within the next few months. So get that form filled out and hand it in to the manager their to keep on file.

Aldi Clearwater FL Shoppers

We ask our readers what regional location they do their shopping and what tips could they give like minded people.  We all love to save some dimes and time, right?  Here is what one lady said...

I shop at the Aldi Clearwater FL regularly.  But I've been known to go to a few others because they sometimes carry other products. I've gone to Oldsmar and Pinelass Park as well.  I Absolutely LOVE, love love their frozen sea scallops. I found an amazing recipe on their website called "seared Scallops with Lemon Cream Sauce".  It's hands down my family favorite scallop recipe ever.  I love that I can get all of my ingredients in the store and not break the bank. I typically shop at ALDI 2-3 times a week since I'm always forgetting something. We have 5 people in our family and two are VERY picky eaters, so it's often a challenge to find food and meals that everyone enjoys. I love that I can shop at Aldi, have a cart full of food and pay such a little amount of money.  I've done a comparsion of prices on what I buy at Aldi vs what I'd buy at Publix.  It was insane how much more expensive Publix was.  Basically the same exact products, but a different brand name, was almost $45 cheaper at Aldi. Never again! I love that I don't have to worry about breaking the bank and I don't have constantly look for sales or coupons.  No need for going store to store to find the best prices.

I'm a stay at home mom, and money is often very tight.  In order to supplement my husbands paycheck and help make ends meet I decided to start working on Amazon mTurk.  I can typically make anywhere between 100 and 250 a week.  It just really depends on how much effort I put into it.  My shopping at Aldi, it really helps keep our costs down but we're not skimping on the quality of food we feed our kids.